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09-25-2003, 05:50 PM
The following is info on the Fury World Summit of Pool Please forward this to anyone you know who would be interested in playing or watching the event.

Hotel info:

The Grand Hyatt New York is a 5 star hotel at a phenominal discounted rate of $125 single or $150 Double a night(normally over $300 a night). Reserve 212-883-1234 For further information and to see flyer on event, latest updates, and to join go to www.upatour.com (http://www.upatour.com)

Also, this event is $30,000 Guaranteed Added Non-Profit Event limited to first 128 Players please contact UPA at 212-570-4545 to sign up

Fury World Summit of Pool

Oct 8-12

Amsterdam Billiards 212-570-4545 NY,NY

Players Meeting
Oct 8 at 5pm

JFK, La Guardia, Newark NJ

not applicable this event

Charity Event
Sponsor pro am Oct 8 7pm

Grand Hyatt NYC 212-883-1234

Dress Code
Collar or dress shirt/ slacks or dress pants/ and dress shoes No t-shirts/ no tennis shoes/ no jeans

Special Rules
Absolutely no tolerance for un-sportsmanlike conduct. Rules of conduct and code of ethics will be discussed at meeting along with introduction of Code of Conduct Committee made of non-players. All UPA Rules, Guidelines, and policies enforced

Race to 11: double-elimination - Winner breaks - 3 balls must pass the side pocket on break - Rules subject to change by UPA Rules Committee

Tournament Value
3 star event worth 150 ranking points

*Entry fee is $300 and will go up to $350 after Sept 1st Mail to UPA 13105 Booker T Washington Hwy Hardy, VA 24101

Prize money breakdown

1st $15000
2nd 7000
3rd 4500
4th 3500
5-6th 3000
7-8th 2400
9-12th 1900
13-16th 1400
17-24th 1000
25-32nd 800
For further info call 1-407-257-5887 or 1-212-570-4545

Steve Lipsky
09-26-2003, 07:28 AM
Mr. Lipson,

Do you know anything about a tournament in Dubai which seems to conflict with these dates?

- Steve

09-26-2003, 10:09 PM
The Dubai exhibition was original scheduled for earlier in the year but was postponed due to the war in Iraq. We both announced our dates without realizing the other was scheduled for the same time. 16 players were invited, mostly Europeans and Asians. I don't think any US players are going.