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09-26-2003, 04:01 PM
Not exactly new news but I had this old warning from the health department. It was posted at our pool room at one time.
I didn't remember it just pertained to the state of Arizona. This is how come Master green changed from a dark green to a light green and it was green only. I still have some new dark peices (with lead) and that was the approximate time frame of the color change. Was anyone effected by this? I know I can't remember $hit /ccboard/images/graemlins/laugh.gif but it doesn't say that was ever a problem. LOL

Dated, February 24, 1995.

The Arizona Department of Health Services has identified a new and dangerous source for lead poisioning: the chalk used for billiards.
It Identified two brands of green pool-cue chalk as particuallry dangerous if chewed or eaten by children. Master chalk, manufactured in Chicago, and Pioneer chalk, mafe in Tiwan, tested as high as 8000 parts per million of lead.
The state began testing chalk after receiving a report of a child testing for high levels of lead. The family had a pool table and the toddler had eaten some of the chalk on several occasions. The child was treated and recovered.
The most common source of lead poisioning is lead based paint in older homes. Lead, when eaten, can cause a variety of health problems in children, ranging from behavior and learning difficulties to convulsions and death.

Crap, I can't remember 4 friggin balls!