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09-27-2003, 03:12 AM
I will be trying out for the german open on the 19th of October. I guess it is the first round playing eight ball. My league can only send 5 people and the captain of our team chose me as one of the five. Anyway, i was wondering if anyone had any insight as to what to expect or maybe even if you know anyone who will be attending? I would much rather be returning to Valley Forge next year and meeting up with you all but for now I guess this will do. Oh and by the way I play in the german league tommorrow. Hopefully I will stay undefeated. Wish me luck!
A1C John Ehle
Firefighter, USAF

09-27-2003, 07:22 AM
Wishing you LUCK.. and be safe

09-27-2003, 12:05 PM
where will you be playing in germany?I will share a story with you . I was stationed in Bremanhaven. in 1970, went to play some pool the lady that ran the u.s.o. club ask if I wanted to play in tournmant? I ask what kind, 14.1 . I said didnt know the game, she explained. it was straight pool. I said sure, well I won region, went to Berlin won distric,went to all europe finals in Gerripin and finisned 8th qut of all europe . wonderful memories good luck to you son !!!! OLD MAN STICK

09-27-2003, 02:15 PM
I really cannot remember where the city is that the first round will be held. If they play anything like the german nationals played in our league 2 weeks ago, I should have no problem. These were supposed to be the best players in their area! I killed them, so my "instructor/captain" said i should have no problem making to the German open. Thanks for the story.
A1C John Ehle
Firefighter, USAF

09-27-2003, 06:22 PM
John I have no idea what will be happening there. I just want to say good luck. Our guys over there need some luck at times and not just because of a pool tournament.


09-27-2003, 08:01 PM

You should spend a weekend down in MannHeim, and make a trip over to Lampertheim from there. There is a pro player named Klaus Zobreckis who has a pool hall there. Not sure what the name of the hall is, but shouldn't be hard to find. Lotta action in there. The guy you want to take off is the guy that shoots with the screwed up bridge hand. He bridges on top of his index and middle finger. He'll give you weight if you string him along enough. Klaus is an awesome 14.1 player, I personally have seen him run 100 points. Also, Samuel Clemanns comes through Klaus' hall from time to time, because he also plays in the German leagues. Samuel is a great One Pocket player.

Though I can't say for sure, I think Klaus may be the best player in your area. Getting a serious game outta him is so hard tho, but he will gamble. I tend to think the higher you go, the harder he will play.

Hope this info helps you out, let me know!

Der PogueMeister

Heil Dubya!

09-27-2003, 08:17 PM
Oh Yeah,

Forgot to mention.. My name is Russ Chewning and I came from Germany about three years ago. While I was there, I won two Mannheim Invitational 9 ball tourneys, then when I went to compete in the USAREUR championships, I dogged it big time. I'M SURE the 1-inch nap (no kidding here, 1-inch) and unleveled tables had NOTHING to do with me choking.

Doesn't matter, there was a civilian there of near-pro caliber who would have beat me, in all probability. The rest were bangers.

One of the Invitationals had an interesting finals, tho. I ended up playing the previous year's USAREUR Women's 9 Ball Champion. In this tourney, it was a race to 7, 9 Ball, and all men had to spot ALL women 3 games on the wire. I was in the loser's bracket because I played a lady who kept swinging at the 9, and even though I ran out everychance I got, and had actually won the match, she had a "friend" on the side who said that the score was not 7-6 me, but that it was 6-6 even. She ended up winning the next game, and hooo boy was I mad at myself from that point on. I steamrolled everyone else until I got to the finals. She managed to get one "legitimate" game by accidentally bank-comboing the 9. Score in the two sets: 7-4, 7-3.

Did I mention, she was HOT? Heh heh. I think there is still a photo of us getting our trophies in the Mannheim Rec Center.

Did you ever get a chance to play "Little" Mike Hutchinson? I think he was stationed where you are. But he probably left a year or so ago. He used to terrorize us in the bar table 9 ball ring games in Tacoma, WA. He and an old man named Clyde Bowles would drop a 3 or a 4 pack on us every so often just to keep us on our toes. The one night I robbed that game, I was SO proud of myself, my feet didn't hit the ground for a week. If you are planning to stay in the service, and remain single, try to get assigned in either Washington ot Oregon. There is a LOT of bar table action, especially in Portland. There are any number of guys that can run 3 or 4 racks on those 7 foot barboxes. Tough action.

Der PogueMeister

Heil Dubya!

09-27-2003, 09:46 PM

If the lady was hot, you should have given her some relief!
Tisk, Tisk, you guys never learn.

09-28-2003, 08:47 PM
If it's an Open tournament then there is no tryout needed. Are you playing a team tournament? Are you on a league team that plays 8 ball, 9-ball and 14.1 straight pool or a team that plays 8-ball on bar tables? The first one is part of DSAB system and the second is part of the LOWEN(Valley) system. If you are part of the first then you might be playing for your division's ranking to determine whether they stay in their division or move up/down. If you are playing in the LOWEN league then they do have sort of a national tournament similar to our VNEA tournaments. Usually the winner of the German Nationals gets a paid trip to the VNEA Championship in Vegas. I wouldn't think that they would be doing it at rhis time of year though.

Well whatever you are playing, play well and remember that there are very good players in Germany and you shouldn't take any of them lightly.

John (Was in Germany for ten years)