View Full Version : Everybody must get stoned

09-27-2003, 02:13 PM
Fortunately, Amina Lawal, of Nigeria, originally sentenced to death by stoning for adultry, was acquitted by the highest Islamic Court in her state.Her 2 year old daughter, Wasila, had been considered proof of her adultry, but her defense team, which could have put O.J.'s lawyers to shame, were able to overturn the verdict.
We do things different here in the USA...when your girlfriend turns up pregnant, it's the guy that goes out and gets stoned.
Her lawyers were able to have her confession retracted because it was only uttered once, instead of four times, as required under Islamic law, and there were no witnesses to the fornication itself (I'm gonna stop taping mine after reading this)...AND..the attorneys brought forth the "sleeping embyro" theory..under this idea, the embyro can be in gestation for up to 5 years, meaning that the baby could have been fathered by her former husband.
I kind of like the "sleeping embryo" theory...it could have saved me thousands in child support.
What happened to the other guy in this cuckholdry drama? Well, he denied the charges, swore on the Koran, and was found innocent...sorta like what happened at O.J.'s trial