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04-11-2002, 12:57 PM
The SCWBT Southern California Women's Billiard Tour will be starting it's 5th 9-Ball tour this weekend.

The event will be held at Shooters in Riverside. 10226 Indiana Ave. Riverside, CA (909)785-9588.

This tournament is open to all players other than WPBA Tourning Pros and Active Pros.

Here is the information about the 2002 SCWBT Tour. The fees for the single event is $75 (see below for the 2 and 3 tournament packages). The $75 includes membership fees for the 2002 season. Dress code "B" for all events. We will be paying out at lease 1/2 of the field, and there are 2 qualifying spots for a WPBA Pro event up for grabs at each stop. We also have an intro to 9-Ball tour that will be held along with the regular tour on the same date (see below for more information). Players can now play in 1, 2, 3 or 4 events. Please contact Mike Hurst for more information.

Please pass this info on to any "new" players or any players that would like to become more competitive, regardless of their current ability.

This is a very exciting time for women's billiards and I would hate for any players to "miss out" because they didn't know what was happening.

Here are some of the highlights of our tour for this year.
We will be continuing our regular tour format for regular tour players (up to an 80 player field). These events will feature a race to 7 on the winners side, race to 5 on the won-loss side and a single race to 9 in the finals.
Each event in our regular tour will be a 2-spot qualifier for WPBA Pro events. The player who finishes 1st in each event will get to choose between one of two Pro Events they would like to play in (provided that they have not already been invited to that event). The highest finishing non-invited player will receive the other qualifying spot.
The highest ranked player after the 2nd event (or player not already invited) will get automatic entry into the Illinois and New York WPBA events.
The overall tour winner and runner-up will receive an invite to the 2002 WPBA Nationals.
The overall tour winner will also receive invites to *ALL* of the 2003 WPBA Classic tour events along with an invite to the 2003 BCA Open 9-Ball Championships.
The top 4 players at each event and the top 24 players at the end of the tour will get an automatic invite to the 2002 Regional Tour Championships.
We are also introducing an "Intro to 9-Ball tour". This tour will be for new players competing in 9-Ball events or players in the "beginning level" of their skill. There will be a race to 5 on the winners side, race to 4 on the won-loss side and a single race to 7 in the finals. This field will be limited to 16 players.

Players are encouraged to sign up for the 4-stop tour but can also just play in 1, 2 or 3 events. We are offering event packages as follows:

Single event entry is $75. The player can choose any single event they wish to participate in.

Two tournament package is $140. The player can choose any two events they wish to participate in.

Three tournament package is $195. The player can choose any three events they wish to participate in.

All players who want to participate in the sponsorship player / program, must contact Mike no later than May 24th for the information to be published.

Hotel information:
Econo Lodge in Riverside (800)553-2666
Book online--approx. $50--

Days Inn in Riverside (909) 358-2808

Thanks for your help.

Mike Hurst
Tournament Director
369 Avocado St. # D-102
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 645-7180

04-13-2002, 06:36 PM
Good afternoon:

Good luck with your tournament Mike. Keep us posted on the chart and the results.

Dr. D.

04-15-2002, 08:16 PM
So Mike,
How did it go, who won?