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09-30-2003, 07:16 AM
I had a nice time at Chris's. He has a beautiful room and operates it correctly.I would gladly go another time just to practice.
It has always been frustrating to me, as a lifelong gambler, to be around small action.It's utterly boring and there's nothing to inspire me and I couldn't make a living if I won every time.Plus, medium action, like 2 or 3 hundred a set, gets me in stroke for the tougher games I might play later.I'm not going to apologize for being a big bettor and I'm not going to have anything bad to say about small wagerers.
I'm just sorry that with Chris's I can't have another nice establishment to add to my sort of southern route, when I go out and try to get in stroke.These things being said, I'd highly recommend Chris's as a place to go play pool but not for action.

09-30-2003, 12:03 PM
Don't you consider every time you are up playing and gambling, you are on the clock? What is wrong with winning five or six hundred dollars? I remember seeing Gary Pinkowski turn down a $10.00 game of 9-ball, (He was sitting there doing nothing anyway) and another players say to the guy, "I will play you some". They guy ended up losing over $3000. as Gary had to sit and watch. You never know what may happen. Myself, I can't remember how many times I have walked into a place I was told had no action at all and walk out with a pocket full of money. It is always a mystery what may happen. I realize you are an exception though because of your notoriety

Chris in NC
09-30-2003, 12:13 PM
Grady, that's a fair enough reply, and thanks for the compliment regarding our poolroom. I had the feeling that you were pressed for time, which is one reason why I think you were frustrated and also why I wasn't comfortable upping the bet. I would have considered playing for more, but not under those circumstances - when you've already told me you only had a few hours and had firm plans for that evening. Certainly you can understand that.

When Frank and I get together to play sessions, it is clearly understood that it very well may be a marathon session with no time limit - well into the night. This gives the player who is down in the session plenty of opportunity to turn it around without the added pressure of running out of time.

Grady, I enjoyed the session and hope you'll have a chance to stop by again. Also, if you're looking for a "neutral sight" with top equipment for a matchup with someone, I hope you'll consider our room. We always love to see a good game in here, but don't get enough of them.

IMO for what it's worth there is no comparison between yourself and JW in terms of quality Accu-Stats commentating. I was unfortunate enough to have to sit near the commentating booth at the U.S. Open. Having to hear his constant chatter throughout pretty much dampened the enjoyment of the matches for myself. Not really what the viewers want or need to hear, at least in my opinion. - Chris in NC