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10-01-2003, 01:27 PM
Here is a quote from the Opinion Journal section of the Wall Street Journal... [ QUOTE ]
A Democratic congressman from Rhode Island is criticizing Sen. Edward Kennedy for his unsober remarks about President Bush and Iraq. "I don't agree with his stance," the Boston Herald quotes the Rhode Island congressman as saying of Kennedy. <font color="red"> "I believe that the U.N. needs to be a viable international organization and the only way it is viable is if its proclamations and resolutions are enforced."</font color>

If Saddam Hussein lacked weapons of mass destruction, the Rhode Islander asks, "then how come he gassed all his people with them? The fact is, he definitely had them. Whether he destroyed them or not is up for debate. But he had them and he's got a propensity for invading neighboring countries and causing instability in a part of the world [where] we can't afford to have a lot of instability."

The congressman saying these sensible things is Patrick Kennedy, Teddy's son. Maybe we shouldn't be surprised by this generation gap. After all, President Bush is a lot tougher than his father on Saddam Hussein.

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