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10-02-2003, 04:27 PM
$7,000 Total Added
( $2,000 Addedto 1-Pocket Event and $5,000 added to 9-Ball
1-Pocket starts on Thursday, November 6th at 6pm $60 Entry Fee***
9-Ball starts Saturday , November 8th at Noon - $55 Entry Fee***

These events will be held at..........
Cornfed Reds Billiards Cafe
5005 Chatterton Rd
Columbus, Ohio

***** 1-Pocket Event *****
November 6-7
Start Time = 6pm on Thursday
$2,000 Added
Race to 3
9' Tables
Double Elimination
$60 Entry Fee
***+ $15 Viking Tour Card Required If You Are Not A Current Member

***** 9-Ball Event *****
November 8-9 at NOON
$5,000 Added Regional Championship
Race to 9
9' tables
Double Elimination
***Entry Fees = $55 For Current Viking Tour Members
= $75 For Non Viking Tour Members
= $30 For Non Touring Women Players
= $30 For Players Age 15 & Under
+ All Non Members Must Buy A $15 Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour Card
This event has been happening annually at this location. Each year it only
gets better. Every road player around will be at this event. We have seen
more prize money won in the action games than in the event. The event
usually has over a $10,000 prize fund. DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT ! The ACTION
continues around the clock.

The Host Hotel For The Cornfed Red's event is...
Econo Lodge at 5950 Scarborough Blvd
Columbus, Ohio
Their phone # is 614-864-4670
The Rate is $35 + Tax

If you are not a current Viking Tour member you must purchase a tour card
for only $15.
* $55 and $75 entry fees includes $15 table time. $60 entry fee includes $10
table time

***$15 Viking Tour Card Qualifies all Members to be eligible to play in all
Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour Events for the 2003 Season which includes all
$5,000.00 Added Regional Championships and the $25,000.00 Added National
There will also be a Player Auction at all of these events. The minimum bid
will be $10. The player auction is optional by player.

I hope to see at one or more of our events !

As always, I look forward to your comments.

Mike Janis
The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour
Viking Tour Information - link below
All events Played With Standardized Rules