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10-02-2003, 07:18 PM

By Lesley Mair

SNOOKER's Ronnie O'Sullivan has become a Muslim, it was revealed yesterday.

The 27-year-old former world champion, nicknamed The Rocket, found out about the religion through his boxing chum Prince Naseem Hamed.

O'Sullivan hopes his new faith, which bans alcohol, will help him beat his demons of drink, drugs and depression, which have blighted his career.

CHAMPION: Ronnie O'Sullivan in action. He scored his first 147 at 16 and won the world title in 2001

He declared his belief in Allah at a low-key ceremony at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Regent's Park in London last month.

Born and raised a Roman Catholic in London's East End, O'Sullivan was drawn to Islam by former world featherweight boxing champion Prince Naseem.

Naseem gave him a video by a charismatic Muslim preacher Khalid Yassin and he was hooked.

O'Sullivan was not at his home in Chigwell, Essex, last night.

His mother Maria said he did not want to discuss his conversion and was concentrating on his career. She added: "Prince Naseem has been a good friend to Ronnie. He has been the main factor (in the conversion).

"Ronnie is a lot better in himself since he converted. I hope it will steady him."

O'Sullivan's coach Derek Hill said: "I didn't know anything about him converting to become a Muslim - it's quite a shock.

"But then nothing surprises me about Ronnie. I spoke to him just over a week ago but he didn't mention it. He has suffered badly from depression in the past and it is an ongoing problem.

"If this can help him then I am all for it. Maybe it will improve his game, which can only be a good thing." Ronnie is practising very hard at the moment and is concentrating on his game. I wish him all the best."

O'Sullivan was only nine years old when he hit his first snooker milestone - the 100 break - and was just 15 when he became the youngest player to score the maximum break of 147.

But he suffered an unhappy childhood when his father was jailed for life in 1991 for murder.

Two years later, when he was just 17, his mother was jailed for tax offences, leaving him to look after his younger sister.

O'Sullivan won the world championship in 2001, despite battling with depression, but his engagement to girlfriend Bianca Westwood collapsed.

He is one of a host of stars who have turned to Islam.

Boxing legends Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson both converted, as did 60s pop star Cat Stevens, who took the name Yusef Islam, and British socialite Jemima Goldsmith ( a Jew) , who married former Pakistan cricket captain Imran Khan.


Boxing champ Cassius Clay converted to Muhammad Ali in 1965
Singer Cat Stevens took the name Yusuf Islam back in 1973
Marriage to Imran Khan led Jemima Goldsmith to Muslim faith
Heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson also became a Muslim like Ali

10-02-2003, 08:02 PM
Well good for him Q er egg, but what about us that can't make 5 friggin balls? /ccboard/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

Voodoo Daddy
10-02-2003, 09:07 PM
Off the A.P. wire at 11:04PM

"VOODOO converts to ZION-WOLF-KOPTIC ways..."

Finding out that proclaiming a skill level in every post, telling the world 2456985233746 times that he have been playing pool however long its been will not help him play one spec better pushed him over the edge. Authorities found VOODOO hiding under a overpass somewhere in downtown Miami Thursday, with what appeared to be a doobie in one hand and a mega-phone in the other shrilling something that sounded like; "But I'm only a s/l 3 and been playing a year...please, I've only said this 2456985233746 times!!!" More to come....


Voodoo~~~doesnt make friends easy but likes the ones he has

10-03-2003, 03:32 AM
egg might copy my style Rod, but he is not me.I only have one name on the CCB.

Ronnie has had a lot of problems for such a young guy.
Ronnie has never been 'normal'.Very few genius's are.

Ronnie is without a doubt the most talented player EVER to have picked up a cue. He has won in pro comp playing left and right handed. He is special.
Hope this works for him, but I doubt it.

10-03-2003, 09:55 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote eggbeater:</font><hr> Boxing legends Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson both converted,
Heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson also became a Muslim like Ali
<hr /></blockquote>

Has Tyson's faith helped him? He hasn't really changed has he?

Kato~~~might convert to Voodoo's faith if it can help him run 3 freakin' balls. /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif