View Full Version : Pool Tournament Manager Expiry

Mr Ingrate
10-03-2003, 12:19 PM
The Pool Tournament Manager free activation expires on December 31, 2003. Please go to Dave's Pool Tools (http://www.davespooltools.com) if you wish to obtain a permanent activation key.

The Pool Tournament Director (a new expanded version) is in progress. All those who have purchased a permanent activation key for the "Manager" will be given an activation for the "Director".

There will be no changes or revisions to the "Manager".

The League Director is on the drawing board

10-03-2003, 02:15 PM

I have seen your work and think you did a great job. I recommended your soft to a friend and he said he'd seen it but couldn't use it as the player limit was to low.

He sometimes write here under the name 9bkit, you might want to write him a mail and see if the Director could help.

Plus he's in the IT industry, so could provide some good input. Just a tought...

Again, great job !

Mr Ingrate
10-03-2003, 03:58 PM

Many thought that the player limit was too low because they didn't read the documentation to see how to run multiple iterations of the product. For example: You could run two iterations of 32 players and when you were down to 8 winners and 8 losers in each iteration, cut and paste them to a 3rd iteration. A bit clumsy, I know, but not that hard to do. One of my users, Sandy Chamberlain, ran more than 64 many times.

The new version, when it is available, has an integrated player database and will handle up to 4096 entries for any one tournament. It will also handle Single Elimination, Double Elimination, and Round Robin with special entry for Singles, Scotch Doubles, and Teams (up to 16 players per team). All field sizes have been expanded. I've also added a new option to randomize players/teams to the draw by region so entries from the same area will not meet each other in the first round.

I have quite a few additional things going in and am open to any and all suggestions.