View Full Version : Will it be Arnold????

10-07-2003, 06:45 AM
At first when Arnold said he was going to run, I was critical about it, but I have since changed my mind. While I definitely do not agree with half the stuff he believes in (ex...Pro choice) I think he is the best choice out of the best opportunities to win. I really only think this is between him and Bustamante. Arnold definitely being the better choice for Californians.

Now having said that, I also think it would be great to see Davis stay in office and see what tricks he has up his sleeve to help send this state into further debt. Here is a statistic from Boortz... <blockquote><font class="small">Quote Boortz:</font><hr> You need to know that the 10 states with the worse per-capita budget deficits all voted Democrat in 2000. Does that tell you something?
<hr /></blockquote> Keep Davis in and punish those fools in Hollywood a little longer. They all deserve it and they continue to bash Bush for his tax cuts. I say if not Davis bring in Bustamante, he has promised tough love for the hollywood idiots (for Qtec that means he is gauranteeing a tax increase).

eg8r &lt;~~~Not meaning to offend our fellow Californians here on the board unless they have voted for Davis and have aspirations to vote for Bustamante