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10-07-2003, 11:45 PM
The past two weekend saw three separate Viking Tour events.

Sept 27-28 saw events in Cincinnati, OH at Snookers' and in North Aurora, IL
at the Green room.

The Cincinnati event had 68 players and the N. Aurora (Chicago) event had
75. Shawn Putnam won in Cinci and James Baraks (aka Jamie Wilson) won at
the Chicago event.

Last weekends event Oct 4-5 was at the new and improved Cue-Can-Do Billiards
in Schaumburg, IL (Chicago). The event had 73 players and was $2,000 added.
The event was won by ...........James Baraks. Jamie is on his second
consecutive win on the V-Tour. He said he's gonna 3-peat next week at
Palace Billiards in Villa Park, IL where one of next weeks V-Tour events
will be held.

Jamie's odds didn't look to good at the last event but he pulled through.
The field was tough with Larry Nevel and Shawn Putnam in the event but it
was all Jamie's show at the end.

This coming weekend Oct. 11-12 the Viking Tour will be at 3 separate locations.

Bankshot Billiards in Hilliard, Ohio (Columbus) with a $1,000 added 8-ball

Palace Billiards in Villa Park, IL (Chicago) with a $1,000 added 9-ball

J.O.B.' Billiards in Madison, TN (Nashville) with a $1,000 added 8-ball

I hope you can make it to one of these events.

Also, just as a note: This weekend will be the first ever that we have held
three separate events in as many different cities. I hope everyone will
come out to play. We're offering 8-ball and 9-ball venues so everyone will
feel at home in the event.

Good Luck,


Mike Janis
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