View Full Version : Class Act: The Fury Summit of Pool

10-12-2003, 02:17 AM
The Fury World Summit of Pool being held at Amsterdam Billiards East in NYC has been a fantastic event. The matches and play has been throughout top notch and excellent and the staff at Amsterdam has once again consistantly been friendly, efficient, and professional.

The stands have been through all the matches, beginning with the very first day, either full or in the case of tonights latest matches, which started at 11 pm, at least 60% of the seats had a person in them. The spectators have enthusiastically but appropriately responded to the great level of play. The UPA has done a great job and the wonderful guys from Worldpool.com have been diligent and successful in their goal to bring pool more to the masses through their live feed to the internet through and supported on the Microsoft website.

I strongly encourage anyone who is able and free tomorrow and who cannot attend the tournament in NYC in person to tune in to watch the event on the web. Please read the tournament updates posted on AZBilliards to get further details on the URL and how to connect to the live converage.

The more we support these endeavors to further the viewership of pool and billiards, the more potential outside industry and corporate sponsorship could be eventually garnered. This is much needed in the sport that we all love. We have the power to bring pool to a higher level financially, but it will take more than one, five, a small group or one organization to do it. It will take all of us from those who sit on the BCA Board, run regional tours, the various national pool leagues or the leadership of the WPBA or UPA, it will also take everyone who plays or loves the game on any level to participate. We all have a role to play in helping the game to progress to another level financially and to in it's viewship.

Thanks to everyone involved with this past week at Amsterdam Billiards and the UPA for putting together such a fine event.

All the best,
(Chesapeake Area Tour / CAT)