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10-19-2003, 12:04 AM
you're probably a decent driver, and can't figure out where these "crazies come from, everytime you get behind the wheel...It's the cell phones; they spot you and start dialing..the entire auto ind. is in on it, and it goes all the way to 1600...if you get the drift.
This one is more subtle...I'm thinking of moving to Or. or Wa. but everytime I travel north it rains...it's the national guard, seeding the clouds; trying to discourage people from leaving Ca
Here's another...I haven't bought a "Mr. Coffee" machine since the Kennedy thing..I never could prove it was "personal" but...
anyway, I couldn't pass up the deal at less then $15, with 200 free filters...and that's where they get you...you can't dynamite those filters apart, to get just one
See, they keep us frustrated about the "little" things, and we forget about the economy, the new twenty dollar bills,Haliburton, Harken Energy, Enron, Iraq..etc
Arthur Clarke tried to warn us, in "2001" about Haliburton, but no one listened(HAL...NYSE)
And we're not safe on the internet, maybe not even on this board...be careful..trust no one
That new Blackheart cue I bought...I replaced the rubber bumper, just in case....GPS..all they need is a "chip" to know every place you are
That lesson from Scott Lee...I demanded the original tape..they've already got my picture, driver's license, and that "exposing yourself in public" charge...I don't want them to have movies of me
And then there's the Canadian pool software..the 64 player triple elimination module, may record every keystroke that you make.
Naz,maybe just one letter away from voting for Arnold....

10-19-2003, 07:41 PM
Let us not forget every Fast Larry conspiracy in the universe. And Clowns, don't forget the clowns. Also, when someone knocks on my door when I'm sleeping. /ccboard/images/graemlins/mad.gif

Kato~~~knows many conspiracies are directly aimed at me.