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10-25-2003, 03:40 PM
I am opening a new room in Michigan and I want to set it up for both regular play and tournament play as well. Is there a defined preference as to which table is better for 9 ball and one pocket tournaments? I will be hosting added tournaments with hopefully large draws. Minimum 3 day events at least twice a year, if everything goes smoothly perhaps more frequently. Anyone have any suggestions?

10-25-2003, 05:46 PM

I run a WPBA sanctioned Regional Tour and I co-host anywhere from 7-9 events a year.

What I look for in a pool room is a lot of things, mostly catered towards the players' comforts as well as the spectators I intend to draw for my events.

The room should have at least 15 tables. Twenty+ if you expect to draw more than 48 players for a tourny, even if it's a three-dayer.

There should be enough space between the tables that the adjoining tables should not have to wait for a player to move so they can shoot.

There should be elevated seating (carpeted bleachers) around the playing area for spectators to see whatever action they want to see, and not too far away.

Have comfortable chairs for the players so that they don't have to pull themselves up to get up. Higher chairs with foot rests and arm rests work best. See Cueless Joey's chairs in his "Ahem, be green with envy post' on the NPR side. They're perfect. You can find something cheaper and similar. Plus adjoining tables with a 5 inch adjustment between the chairs for people to put their food/drinks/stuff on is exceptional.

Have decent food, not just fast food. Put a good grill/stove/food prep area in. It'll work out in the long run. If you want people to hang around, they eat and drink. And make the food reasonably priced because tournament pool players are notorious for cutting expenses and bringing their own food. You should post that "No Outside Food Or Beverages Allowed". This covers your butt in numerous ways. Especially when someone who wants to bring alcoholic bevs in their water bottle adn they call it tea.

I have more ideas, but I've got to get dinner ready and watch the Marlins win tonight.

I'll post more tomorrow... I wanna read the other posts, too. Need a designer? I'm not that. I just know what I like in a pool room. But yeah, I can design some stuff. i love my kitchen which Pete and I remade from scratch!


Steve - Detroit
10-25-2003, 07:32 PM
Where in Michigan? Just curious. Also, from your other post, what kind of "help" are you looking for?

10-26-2003, 04:39 AM
Good luck with your new room-also, I agree with what Barbara said-I would like to add, bins under the tables to put personal belongings and if theres smoking allowed, major smoke-eaters running!
You might want to contact the womens tour:

Announcing the J. Pechauer Michigan Women's 9-Ball Tour
Joining the women's regional tours around the country is the Michigan Women's 9-Ball Tour, which has obtained J. Pechauer Cues as its title sponsor. This tour is sanctioned by the Women's Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) and will be hosting money-added events throughout the state of Michigan.

"We are looking forward to having all of the women players in and around Michigan come together to play and compete at a higher level. There has always been a great deal of talent in this area, but now, Midwestern players can get their time in the spotlight," says Alice Rim, tour coordinator and WPBA Touring Pro.

"Midwestern women have been traveling for years from state to state trying to become professional. Now they can take advantage of the opportunity the tour is providing to qualify for the pro tour closer to home," adds Julie Melman, co-founder and tour coordinator.

The J. Pechauer Michigan Women's 9-Ball tour's season opener will be held at Hall of Fame Billiards in Warren, Michigan September 27-28, 2003. The entry fee will be $35 (includes a $5 registration fee) for tour members and $55 for non-members. An annual $50 membership will be available at the tournament site prior to the start of the event. There will be a guaranteed $500 added to the prize fund ($1000 added with at least thirty-two players). This tournament will also be a qualifier, sponsored by Coors Light, with the winner receiving a paid entry into the 2003 WPBA Cuetec Cues National 9-Ball Championships in Lincoln City Oregon scheduled for November 19-23, 2003. For more information, call (586) 604-4588 or (517) 918-2220.
Have a nice day!

Rich R.
10-26-2003, 07:42 AM
For those of us, who like to watch tournaments, decent food, at a reasonable price is always a plus.
Of course, good seating for the spectators is a must. You will increase your food and drink business, if you make it comfortable for the spectators. I also think the players like some spectators around. Nothing is sadder, than to be playing the finals of a good tournament, and the only people watching are the people running the tournament and the significant others of the players. Many rooms do nothing to keep the spectators there.
I also recommend spectator seating with back rests, not just bleachers. Some of us "more mature" /ccboard/images/graemlins/wink.gif fans appreciate it.