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10-27-2003, 04:02 PM
Family sick of living on Butt Hole Road

A South Yorkshire family have moved home because they are fed up with their address - Butt Hole Road.

Paul and Lisa Allot, who lived in the 150,000 bungalow with their two children for 15 months, got sick of people pulling their leg.

They say people posed for pictures outside their house in Conisbrough, many of them with their trousers dropped, reports The Sun.

And pizza deliverymen and taxi drivers refused to call at their home thinking the address was a joke.

Paul, 30, a lighting installer, said: "I like a laugh but it was beyond a joke. We've had people steal the street sign and it got to the point where I dreaded reciting our address.

"I thought it would be nice to rename it Button Hole Road. But it's easier to move than go through all the hassle of a new name with the local council."

However, new owner Peter Sutton says he's happy to live on Butt Hole Road: "I think it'll be fun and I know what to expect."

Story filed: 08:57 Friday 24th October 2003