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11-01-2003, 09:29 AM
This is IMMSHARMA,the author of the Sure Shot Aiming System.I am here with my FINAL OFFER (for free).

Some days back,on a free trial basis (see my previuos post CHECK IT FOR YOUR SELF!!HOW YOU ACTUALLY AIM),I sent a diagram or two (with necessary steps) to a few enthusiastic players who e mailed me.

The fact is that no one could get any CLUE from the sent diagrams.

Some must have thought that the digrams and the four parallel lines have nothing to do with aiming.

It was in no way surprising for me!!

Because the diagrams which I sent,let me be frank, consists of only ,say,20% of the whole concept.

I did so expecting them to complete that 80% by FEEL.

But they couldn't.

May be it was,for them, just like only the outer FRAME without the actual PHOTO.

[As you know the GEOMETRIC ROUTINE of what I have been talking is nothing new.In my words....as per my research results...it is the routine which exists in each and every human mind.It is the very routine involved in shot making,I mean, in sending a ball in the intended direction without which,according to my aiming system,no ball can go in the intended line(the very CAUSE&CURE of a miss of a shot) and hence I thought given the first 20% of the routine it might be easy to complete the remainig 80% by FEEL.]

Okay...Here,as a final offer from me,I would like to part with 80% of the GEOMETRIC ROUTINE( which itself is enough to give you evidence of what I have been trying to say about aiming) and 20% is left for you to complete by feel.

It is just like a solution to a problem with only one or two final steps missing!!!!.

Any way,I would like to give you a proof of my WORDS ON AIMING.

Just send me an email at:immsharma@yahoo.com (please give your age,address,contact#,details of your game..strengths and weaknesses,and if possible your photo too...I may see you on ESPN in near future...I am really serious about what I am saying..)I will send you a new diagram with the details of the required steps .Even those who emailed me previously too ....please send an email with the info. I asked for.

Particularly,it will be a kind of an 'eye-opener' to the 'non believers' and to those who scorned at it,who mocked at it,and who called it a crap..garbge.

After giving it a try,if you feel 'this much info. itself is enough' and don't come forward for the CONCEPT AS A WHOLE,it is up to you.Or, if you still don't get the CLUE,let my idea die with me.

BTW, for your kind info., I am planning,with the kind help of some of the organisations of scientific research,to get an opportunity for an 'exhibition event' in which I will be showing how we can do shot making withot miss with the help of the GEOMETRIC ROUTINE (of my sure shot aiming system) in the coming 'world snooker & billiards championship' to be held in India from this 17'th November. If my plans work out you can watch me in action.

11-01-2003, 11:47 AM
As you know the GEOMETRIC ROUTINE of what I have been talking is nothing new. <hr /></blockquote>

Fine. OK . Thankyou. Goodbye.

What if I can see the target, but cant hit it?

Do you give a money back garantee?

Do you really think, in your wildest dreams ,that anybody on this forum will give you money for a load of BS?

[ Why did I bother to answer this????]