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11-02-2003, 11:59 PM
I was just scanning the tv channels when i came across the Comedy Channel. it was the program "Insomniac" With Dave Attell. The piece they were doing was from J O B Billiards in Nashville Tenn.What a nice piece it was. It showed that you can have fun at pool and play and have a good time also. It was nice also to see my buddy Joe Blackburn on there doing a few shots with Dave. For those who do not know Joe Balckburn, he is the cue repairman at the U S Open every year and he is the House repairman at J O B. That piece was only about 10 or 12 minutes long and it put pool in a real nice light. This is what we need more of in this industry. Show the general public that pool is not still in the dark ages and smoke filled rooms. I have never been to J O B. but i will have to put in on my must do list. I hope it comes on again so i can see it from the start....mike

Scott Lee
11-03-2003, 03:24 AM
Mike...I stop in to see Jim Blaylock every time I pass through Nashville. Of course Joe is there most nights too!
JOB is a first class poolroom, and plenty busy most of the time! It's a pleasure to stop in there to play, whether you like the Diamond Smart Tables (lots of 7'ers for the league players), or the Diamond Pro & Kasson 9 footers. Quality equipment all the way around, and always keep in tiptop condition!

Scott Lee