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Handbook of the Billiards Gods Blogs

These blogs are brought over from my personal blogs at

I have three blogs:
- "Good to Know" Pool Stuff
- Drills & Exercises
- Challenge Shootouts

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  1. BILLIARD GODS Blog: Straight-in Shots (Intermediate) - 1 of 3

    Howdy Folks, here is one of my Billiard Gods CHALLENGE SHOOTOUTS" blog posts from


    This is the SIS (Intermediate level) Test Group, #1 of 3 (part of the Straight-in Shots group) from the Billiards Skills Competition Training Program book.

    To score yourself (or when challenging your friends), see the Instructions below.

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  2. About Challenge Shootouts

    This is the first posting for the "CHALLENGE SHOOTOUTS" blog. It is copied over from my personal blog on

    Use these table layouts as challenges to test yourself or against your buddies.

    PURPOSE: Setup and shoot the layout three (or 5) times and record your score (see below). Ask a buddy (or several) to shoot the same shot. Compare scores. Pay the pot to the winner.

    Each Challenge Shootout will include setup and scoring information. ...
  3. Introduction to the "Handbook of the Billiard Gods" blogs

    Howdy Folks,

    If you play pool, you ARE a friend of mine. So, I am running three different blogs for my pool playing friends. This was my first post on my billiards blog (

    Feel free to add comments. My three blogging categories are:

    o "Good to Know" Pool Stuff - comes out every week (usually on a Saturday)
    o Drills & Exercises - comes out every other week on a Wednesday.
    o Challenge Shootouts - comes out ...