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BILLIARD GODS Blog: Straight-in Shots (Intermediate) - 1 of 3

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Howdy Folks, here is one of my Billiard Gods CHALLENGE SHOOTOUTS" blog posts from


This is the SIS (Intermediate level) Test Group, #1 of 3 (part of the Straight-in Shots group) from the Billiards Skills Competition Training Program book.

To score yourself (or when challenging your friends), see the Instructions below.

PURPOSE: Setup and shoot the layout three (or 5) times and record your score (see below). Ask a buddy (or several) to shoot the same shot. Compare scores. Pay the pot to the winner.


1) Buy a package of those little paper reinforcement rings (for binder paper) at any office supply section of any large store (i.e., Staples, Walmart, Target, etc.). These are also known as “donuts”.
2) Print out the Challenge Shootout table layout you want to try.
3) According to the table layout, put down the donuts on the practice table.
4) Set up the balls and start shooting. On a notepad, track your shots and scores.


Version 1 (3 shots per inning)

1 success in three = 1 point
2 successes in three = 2 points
3 successes in three = 5 points

Version 2 (5 shots per inning)

1 success in five = 1 point
2 successes in five = 2 points
3 successes in five = 4 points
4 successes in five = 6 points
5 successes in five = 10 points.

Challenge your buddies

Besides checking out your personal skills with the layout, get a few buddies together and put some money on the shooting and scoring results – say, 25 cents per turn per person, with the pot going to the first person to get a perfect 10 points.

Or there can be a round robin of, say, five innings. Everyone shoots an inning, marks their score, then repeats five times. Person with the highest score gets the pot.

(You can also handicap this – i.e., a beginner might begin with 20 points, an intermediate with 10 points, and a good player at 0.)

These table layouts can be played on any size table.
You can read more billiard blog posts at

There are three Billiards Blogs:
- "Good to Know" Pool Stuff - the culture of pool
- Drills & Exercises - the hard part of pool
- Challenge Shootouts - the "who is better" part of pool
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  1. enjoydgame's Avatar
    Some people love practicing alone while others prefer banging the billiard balls around without realizing that they are not improving on their game. Practicing will improve your game raising the game bars and this blog is a great source for beginners as well as good players.
  2. allanpsand's Avatar
    Thanks for the push.

    The D&E blog is great for those who can actually concentrate on a clear purpose ;-)

    The Challenge Shootout blog is designed for people to discover what they can actually do - (and make a competition of skills with their friends).
  3. enjoydgame's Avatar
    Yeah blogs are really play a measure role to guide the players who really want to learn something.Experienced people put their view provide guideline who really interested and having clear purpose.