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    Re: old threads

    As you might be able to tell a majority of the older threads have been moved now. The threads will now be kept live for approximately 60 days, before being moved into the archives.
  2. Re: Trying to use the search function on the CCB :-(

    There is a small error with the database on the search function, however it should be fixed by friday. Sorry for the delay.
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    Re: Help: CCB Admin

    No problem please have them send an email me by clicking on the contact us link below at the bottom.
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    Re: CCB ADMIN!!!!

    The board should be back and running as normal. A few changes have been made that should prevent this from slowing down like it did earlier in the week. Thank you for your patience.
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    Re: User List

    The user list now has the ability to be sorted by letters and numbers.
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    Re: CCB Admin

    It appears that there may have been a file in the archive that was causing the server to run slow. The problem should be solved now.
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    Re: User List

    should have something setup to sort that way by the end of next week?
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    Re: Newbies Thread

    All registered users can post to that forum. Please let me know if you are having any problems?
  9. Re: No "BROWSE"?

    Currently we do not have the space setup on the server to allow local uploads of a picture to our server. All pictures must be used from remote locations.
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    Re: Jump To Main Index?

    If you select "*Cue Chalk Board*___" which is the first option from the drop down box this should take you to the main index.
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    Remind Me

    Do you pop in here to check posts during the day?
    Does someone interrupt you when you are trying to compose your reply?

    Well, the solution is easy. At the bottom of each post, you'll see a tiny...
  12. Re: What the hell happen to my post on "spell Shec

    Sorry nAz, Unfortunately i was a little busy and did not have time to respond right away. There is now a spell check feature when you go to post. You will have to copy and paste the text into post...
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    Re: Poster Ratings--and User Titles

    ok the ratings will be removed.
  14. Sticky: Re: Replies column?

    Those are the number of new replies to a particular thread since you last visit.

    17 (1)

    The above example would indicate that there are 17 replies to the intial post and there has been 1 new...
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    Re: I hate this new board

    what specific area's are you having the most trouble with?
  16. How to Complete Your Profile / Add a Pic or Av

    Welcome to Our Site!

    Our site is an online community. And part of what adds to that sense of community is the fact that the members here can become much more than simply a username.

    You may...
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    Putting a Link in Your Posts.

    Putting a clickable link in your post is easy.

    First of all, in all forums simply typing a URL or email address will convert to a clickable link in the finished post.

    But what if you want to...
  18. Sticky: Browser Problems/Can't Make New Posts

    If you are running a proxy server, using a home network with a proxy server or using Windows XP with a Firewall, you may have problems using this site. Instead of getting pages from our site, you may...
  19. How to tell when there are New Posts

    How can you keep up, and know "what's new" at a glance?

    Don't worry... that's easy. The system here is set up to alert you to new posts and direct you to them.

    First make sure you are logged...
  20. Customize the Look of the site...for YOU!

    b]Did you know that you can change the way the site looks to you? [/b]
    Control how the posts are displayed, how big the text is, how many posts per page, if you have to look at face pics... and...
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    Your Guide to "My Home"

    Your Guide to "My Home"

    When you are logged in at our site, your "My Home" page is where you can customize the look of the site, change your password, manage your favorites and much more!

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    Re: Board Upgrade Today

    For now will really have not set in stone any rules. We wanted to give the updated ccb a clean start so we moved over nearly all the past posts. As time goes and we get a feel for the usage of this...
  23. Sticky: All users must register in order to post

    all users must register to post in this forum. if you are not a registered user please go here to register
  24. Sticky: Fix Most Problems / Delete Cookies

    If you're having trouble loggin in, or making a post (or any other sort of odd behavior in general)'s probably a "cookie related issue".

    The first thing to check is that you computer's date...
  25. What are PMs (Private Messages)?

    Common question:
    "What are PMs?"

    PMs are Private Messages. Registered Users here may send private messages to other registered users. Its like our own personalized in-house email system.
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