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  1. Pool around Jacksonville, FL (St. Augustine)

    Hey guys,
    I'll be in St. Augustine for the holidays, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a poolhall around where I could play. Over the years of coming down here, I've gone to Park Avenue...
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    Re: New Cue advice

    The other day, I received a Predator SPJWU that I ordered last week, and I love it. I played an APA match yesterday with it and lost--probably due to not being adjusted to it just yet. I love the...
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    Re: You make the call. . .

    hey guys.

    i'm actually the guy that heater451 was playing that fateful night. i apologize, for i didn't mean to make this a big deal.

    from what i could see of the table, the seven may or...
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    hello all

    Hey CCB, I just wanted to say hello. I was a lurker for the last six months or so. I think the new style is a definate step up once you actually register and change your settings. I've learned a...
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