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Thread: Please give this new board a chance.

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    Please give this new board a chance.

    Ok this board has been up only a few days and it looks like a lot of regulars are still posting.

    For those regulars of the old board, I would like to make an offer. Please try this board for a week. Then list all the things you like and dis-like about the new format and maybe we can get some things changed.

    Personally I would like to keep this new format around (but I do miss the old format) kind of like the old loafers that just felt so good being replaced with new loafers ... it takes time to break them in.

    Let's give this a few more days (or at least a week to let it sink in to our ways of doing things)

    The only constant in our daily lives is CHANGE.

    Tom In Cincy

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    Re: Please give this new board a chance.

    Good morning:

    The old board, like an old pair of shoes, was comfortable and very familiar. The new board, like a new pair of shoes which need to be "Broken In", will take a little time to adjust to. And; like the new shoes which will in time become old and comfortable, so will the new design and format of the CCB.

    Dr. D.

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