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Thread: Alex Pagulayan in T.O.? ...TonyM?

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    Alex Pagulayan in T.O.? ...TonyM?

    Anyone know which pool halls Alex P shoots out of in the GTA? I hear he shoots in Scarborough mostly ...I was hoping that maybe TonyM was still around since he's familiar with the GTA scene.

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    Re: Alex Pagulayan in T.O.? ...TonyM?

    When he's in town, you can find Alex at either Silver Cue for the sunday tourney....or at shooters for the monday tourney. And you're right, both places are located in scarborough.

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    Re: Alex Pagulayan in T.O.? ...TonyM?

    Thanks Cueball, I'll be up in TO for a month or so on work assignment - hopefully I can get a chance to hook up and watch him in action.

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    Re: Alex Pagulayan in T.O.? ...TonyM?

    Sometimes Alex plays at Shooters (North York - (416- 750-7787) for the Monday night Pro Am. I've seen him at the Silver Cue (416-699-0086)on Sundays for another nine ball tournament (non handicapped, where Raymond Cruz also plays).

    I've seen him come out to Coronation Billiards (416-483-5321) on Wednesdays from time to time.

    Also try Paul Thornley at Le Spot (416-298-2888) he should be familiar with Alex's coming and goings!

    Good luck!


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    Re: Alex Pagulayan in T.O.? ...TonyM?

    TonyM ...thanks for the numbers!! I forgot about Cruz!!

    GCue ~definitely going to NOT work while I'm up in TO!!

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