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Thread: Jimmy Relihan, Perfect tip installation

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    Re: Jimmy Relihan, Perfect tip installation

    Thanks for the info on Toby Sweet, Las Vegas...will try that link! Joe

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    Re: Jimmy Relihan, Perfect tip installation

    The Toby that was part owner of the Las Vegas Cue Club was Toby Fleharty but he recently sold his piece of the PH.

    Whatever.... (trying to sound like my 2 teenage daughters)

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    Re: Jimmy Relihan, Perfect tip installation

    Rip I didn't think there was another Toby in the pool world. So when I saw the name TOby I thought it was Sweet. Sorry Conn Joey.####

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    Al bryan george clark

    Quote Originally Posted by connecticutjoey View Post
    Leonard, this is Joe from Springfield, MA (Connecticut Joey) and old friend and pool player. Read some of your stories about Jimmie Relihan, Have you heard anything from him lately? Do you have any idea of where he might be? Haven't heard from Jimmie in over 20 years, he's a Springfield native, used to hang out at Smith's billiards, in Springfield, MA. Sure would like to know what has become of him...if you have any information, please let me know!! Thanks, Joe
    Did you play at smitys back in the day?

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    The ones that come on economy cues should be replaced at your earliest convenience. Good tips should be professionally installed. Take your time and do some research before you purchase and you will be glad that you did.

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