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Thread: Online Cue Sales

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    Online Cue Sales

    I am new to this site. I have just developed a cue, case, and accessory website that went online a week ago. I do not want this taken as spam so I am not going to mention the name. I want imput on if you visit cue sale sites. If you do which ones do you like and why. Do you trust them? Have you bought a cue or case online? I did not design this to make a fast buck. I designed it because the company I work for is an amusement company in South Dakota and there is very limited access to cues and cases. Please give me any imput you may have on online cue sales.

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    Re: Online Cue Sales

    In many cases, the factory will give you the option of 5 different joints, type of wrap, brand and hardness of tip, size of shaft tip (12mm, 12.5mm, 13mm, etc.), and many other options. Yet a lot of web sites only let you select the weight! A few web sites offer the customer these options though (this is where I shop). See link below. Also send a tracking number in the email when the order is shipped! Then people know when to be home.

    Lots of options here...

    I have no financial interest in any billiard related businesses or schools.

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