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Thread: New Minnesota Pool Portal In Progress (long)

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    New Minnesota Pool Portal In Progress (long)

    To all of the Minnesota Pool players on this board:

    We're in the process of launching a new pool web-site dedicated to pool play in all regions of the State of Minnesota. We'll have full-blown community applications, tournament listings/results, player profiles, league information, a shopping area and regional content.

    Our granding opening is the week of April 2002, but we're going to beat that date. Look for us at upcoming state tournaments where you can fill out a survey for a chance to win a new Predator BK break cue.

    For all you BD Minnesota folks, I'm looking for content on tournaments, events, places to play, and anything else in outstate MN. We already have a relationship with Chalk Talk in place, so the TwinCities is in good shape. But I want to make sure that we give all the regions in Minnesota an opportunity to promote pool in your area.

    Also, if anyone is interested in writing pool-related articles and wants to become famous (almost overnight ;-) ), let me know.

    If you have content you'd like to share, post your email to this thread and I'll get in contact with you.

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    Re: New Minnesota Pool Portal In Progress (long)

    It's about time. once a mnoth tourn. info is ridiculous. Cool idea.

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    Re: New Minnesota Pool Portal In Progress (long)

    SPG... good to see ya posting again..

    Would like to get the web site's link asap.. just to see what is happening..

    Best of luck and keep the stroke in line.

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    Re: New Minnesota Pool Portal In Progress (long)

    Hey Tom! Thanks.

    Between the state tournaments, and getting this business luanched (along with kids and the day job), I've been nutz. Ready to go curl up around a nine-footer somewhere and play a few "races" to 150.

    Site is Ran across a startup with excellent content publishing functionality, based on j2EE and XML components. I went from design to initial site in 8 hours. Unbelievable. Our grand opening is the first week of April, so I got to get 'er done and loaded with content.

    I sure would like to have more the the typical 9 ball and 8 ball stuff out there. Would love to get some content from straight pool and one pocket addicts, if you know any that have a few thoughts they want to share.

    How ya hittin' 'em? Oh yeah, btw what was the deal with Dr. Sorrento?

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    Re: New Minnesota Pool Portal In Progress (long)

    Hi St Paul Gal. Of course you can count on me. I live in out state MN and play in alot of tournys I have 38+ years of pool experience. and I keep up with the pool life we in mn have grown to love. I also know most of the ph owners in outstate MN so Email me @ ~~~~Good luck~~~ Jon from Mn

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    Re: New Minnesota Pool Portal In Progress (long)

    Excellent. It's great that you are doing this. I can give you any info from tournament and leagues in Mankato. Let me know if I can help with anything. radge in MN

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