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    New Board

    Guys and gals,

    If you "Switch Board to Old Style" and hit the "Collapsed" button, the current CCB is remarkably similar to its old format.

    Doing so, in conjunction with all the new features (private messages, who's online, etc.) leaves me with a pretty good feeling about the changes. I really think we should give this thing a chance.

    As to those users who are concerned, I used to work with cookies at my old job. They are not nearly as dangerous or intrusive as some people think. Using the web without them is a very tedious experience.

    Just my two cents...

    - Steve Lipsky

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    Re: New Board

    Just testing if "TTT" works

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    Re: New Board

    What does "TTT" mean, Scott?

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    Re: New Board

    Hi Steve,
    "TTT" means "To The Top" It is a function that when a new reply is made to a topic brings the whole topic back to the first page. This means that the "hot topics" always stay at the top, making it easier for all to partcipate in the discussion. It also means that the not so popular posters topics fall off the main page never to be seen again if no one replies to them.

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    Re: New Board

    How do you "switch board to old style" ? I see the collapse button, I have a mac so maybe that makes a difference?

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    Re: New Board

    Hi Cuechick. If you go to the home page of the CCB, there is a link for this option directly under the large-lettered phrase "Discussion Forum".

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    Not on mine???

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