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Thread: Buying a table but need help moving it 150 miles

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    Buying a table but need help moving it 150 miles

    I am buying a used table, and i am getting a very good deal. The only problem is i need to get it from Hartford CT area to North New Jersey area. About a 150 mile distance. I have called locally and people are quoting me more than i am paying for the table. I am thinking about breaking it down myself with a friend loading it in a uhaul nd bringing it here, then calling a professional locally to come setup and level it. The problem is i have never done this before and do not want to screw anything up. Can anyone help me find someone in either NJ or CT to help. Or maybe you can help me if you have done this before, and i would make it worth your while. Anyway i do not know what the best approach to do this.

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    Re: Buying a table but need help moving it 150 miles

    Taking a table apart is not too bad depending on the table and slate. If it is a one piece I would not touch it but a three piece is not bad.

    Most tables have panels around each side which is held on with screws, remove these first. This will usually give you access to the rail bolts, the table will have 6 rails with three bolts in each. Be careful here, left loose right tight as if you go tight may crack the slate (not end of the world) but there is no need for it to happen. Hell if you need to buy a wrench that has an on off switch.

    Next will be taking the staples out of the felt, bring needle nose pliers. After this you are down to the slate and removing the slate screws, you will need something sharp and strong as you will need to gently remove the body fills from any of the screw holes. After the screws are removed you may need to sand the seems of the slate down in order to separate them. Once separated remove them from the table and lean them up against a wall.

    For transport of the slate I recommend bringing a hammer, nails, chop saw and 2x4. Build yourself slate holders by making a three piece base with side rails. I like to line them with a blanket. Some may call this over kill; I call it not cracking your slate.

    Once this is complete you just need to take apart the frame, if you have a Uhaul truck try to fit as much of the frame assembled as possible while numbering and marking each piece you need to take off with where it goes and which end is up.

    This is at least a two man job with the person helping you being someone you trust.

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    Re: Buying a table but need help moving it 150 miles

    I got my table back that was in my fathers house just recently. I drove down and picked it up and packed it into a van that had a cushion mat floor. We had to take off the rails and legs to get it out. I am not very mechanical inclined either. It was fairly easy to do though. To move it and set it up would have cost me over 500. Its not hard at all. I would recommend though about using a van that has a cushion floor,it helps absorb the bumps to the slate. Good Luck

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