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Thread: I Need your Opinion

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    I Need your Opinion

    I left a post asking about pool cues. Im in the market to purchase one. Ive been reading everything i can about cues in the $200-$300 range. Everything ive read in forums from this site and others mostly have good things to say about McDermott and Viking both USA (i like that). There are so many cue manufactures out there that it has been driving me crazy trying to make up mind what to get. I have no pool cue dealer local so i am taking advise from other players on this site because i will probably order cue on line. I play with house sticks now so i have no preference in feel because i have never had the chance to play with good cues to feel the differences.( I did own a Mcdermott about 10 years ago,and loved it)I have now made up my mind i am getting either Mcdermott(USA) or Viking(USA) but i wanted to make this post so that i can get feed back on the differences, pros, cons ect. Also feel free to tell me about other cues i may be interested in looking in to..Remember im novice with novice budget..If i dont make decission soon buy the time i get around to purchasing cue ill have enough to buy $2000 cue lol just kidding want to stay in the $200-300 range

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    Re: Looking for Opinions

    For USA, you can go with McDermott, Viking or Joss. I like the McDermotts.

    On eBay, you can buy McDermotts new from authorized dealers - about 25% to 40% off list, plus about $10 for shipping. I've bought from "cuesellercom" and had a good experience, but you can buy from anyone who says they're authorized and has near 100% feedback.

    Another excellent choice is Billiards Warehouse - Not only do they have the usual 20% off like all the regular on-line sellers, but they have lots of customization available.

    - Order it new with 12.75 shaft, no extra.
    - Order a leather wrap, $30 or $40.
    - Add a cheap cue case, $6 and up.
    - Engrave your name, $20.
    - Shipping is free if over $200.

    I have never ordered from them, but many others I know have, and they are good people. The ability to customize at the time of ordering is a nice advantage.

    Good luck on your choice.

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