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Thread: Found a table for sale what do u guys think?

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    Found a table for sale what do u guys think?

    Hello everybody i've gotten into billiards alot this past year. I've been wanting a table for awhile now and found this table for sale. Im looking for a 8 foot table with a slate. I plan on having the table for at least 5 years. What do u guys think about this table?

    Both websites are selling the table
    its the tuburon

    Tiburon Pool Table - $895
    Retails for $3700!

    Beautiful 4'x8', regulation size maple wood pool table with trim and molding, has inlaid mother of pearl diamond sites. It comes with 1" thick, 3-piece slate, carved legs, super speed cushions and green felt (optional felt color available). The table comes with plastic pockets. If you like the matching leather pockets like in the Photo Above - additional $100.00

    The table comes with warranty and lifetime guarantee on the integrity of the slate.

    Place a phone order today, and have the pool table delivered ASAP. Limited quantity, call now, toll free (877) 439-2510.

    I went to sharky pool tables. They charge $895 for the table $100 extra for leather pockets (comes with plastic pockets) Its $200 for delivery and they'll set it up for you. the table looks really nice i was looking for something no more then $1500 all together.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Found a table for sale what do u guys think?

    Hard to give any advice on an off-brand low-end table. So many things could keep it from being good over the 5 years or more you want to keep it.

    I've seen some China made tables put together perfectly and they play like crap, especially after a couple years. And I've seen some that play consistent and have stayed solid.

    At your price range, you need to either go with these guys or look for a nice used table - which should be fairly easy to find in your area - but then you can't be too choosey on stain colors.

    To get a new American Heritage table - (they are the private label for Costco) - you'll need to negotiate, but you'd probably spend just over $2,000. You could also get a table from a local manufacturer - - but again over $2,000.

    In summary, Chinese tables aren't all bad, just inconsistent.

    (I think I'd try calling a few table mechanics and ask about some used tables.)

    Good luck.

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