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    Thank you for putting up a all links shearing.

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    UPDATE: [04/37/2014]

    We apologize that the forum had spun out of control with SPAM, but we we're in the middle of switching service providers and now have an all new maintainence staff. and the Billiards Digest Forum now has new administrators and forum moderators.
    Sam La Banco Jr. from Magnitech Solutions, a Chicago based IT company, is now the top level ADMIN.

    They are now managing everything under the sun for our company as well as all of our other sister websites, newsletters, blogs and forums.

    They will maintain and control these forums to the best of their ability and stay on top of any newly arising issues. Although they may only check in on the forums once or twice a day, they will be informed of any new suspicious activity and moderate it immediately.

    While no one can prevent 100% of the spam that is posted by robots, especially as technology and methods are advanced daily - we have taken many steps to keep the Billiards Digest Forums as clear and free of malicious and unwanted spam and hacks as humanly possible.

    Guests (unregistered users) can no longer submit posts or threads or comments, without registering for the forum. They can still view posts and threads, however using the search engine has been disabled for these non-registered users.

    Any/all SPAM posts and thread are currently being moderated and should be completely removed shortly.

    If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please feel free to contact the ADMIN, by using our contact form or sending an email to:
    Sam La Banco Jr. - Top Level Forum Administrator

    Magnitech Solutions offers more than just technical solutions.
    We are a business partner designed to handle all of your IT needs so you can focus on your business.

    Magnitech Solutions, Inc.

    NI43D, LLC - An "eye" for 3D!

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