Well Folks, How many more laws will King George break before the right wakes up, and the lawmakers finally impeach this man? How can he use expediency as an excuse for neglecting informing the court of his spying on Americans, when the law states that he may inform the court after the fact, and within 72 hours IOW,
retroactive?????????? He refuses to report his actions, even retroactively.....

FISA provides him the option in case of emergencies, to inform the special FISA court within 72 hours, AFTER he spies, if he deems spying on us as an emergency, too urgent for any delay, it only takes a couple of hours. He refuses. He also made a distinction between "Monitoring" in this case meaning on-going spying on us, and just trolling around here and there, on whomever, where ever, and whenever he pleases.

Given that He appointed Gonzales, is it any wonder that Gonzales doesn't know the law? I wonder if Harriet was involved in any of these decisions, surely her involvment could get him off the hook? NOBODY could expect her to know the law.

Suffice it to say, King George will not be known as a man who could rise to the occasion in emergencies, since so far, he has failed each trial, 9/11, leisurely reading to children while the NYTC was under attack, and terrorists were enroute to the Pentagon and the Capital, then following up by waging war against people who had nothing to do with it, while the real perpetrator escaped into the mountains,.... Katrina, we all saw his idea of staying on top of that emergency situation, a fly-over, four days later,.... it seems our King can't even handle a wire tap emergency without screwing that up too....could it be that he is keeping all wire taps secret because he is abusing power? Naw, he wouldn't do that....we have no reason to think he would, after all, he's been born again, and God is telling him what to do, he wouldn't out a CIA agent just to get even, so let's just let him spy on anyone he choses. And why should we expect this poor man to have to have accurately handled wading through all that intelligence and not realizing that there was any chance that, contrary to his wishes, Saddam had no WMD's, even if the CIA did include a good deal of information to question the theory, which of course, he left out of all his mushroom speeches.

I don't suppose there is any impropriety involved in his appointing Viveca Novak's husband to a job with elections, this week, either, and it must be just a coincidence that he won't comment on the "On-going investigations" of his own chief of staff, but thinks it completely appropriate to announce to the world that Tom Delay, also under investigation, is innocent of all charges, a statement which he denied making a few hours later.

To top it all off, he rejected the opportunity to keep the Patriot Act alive for three months, while it is being tweaked over by the Congress and the Senate, and then in an angry jaw rolling outburst during his press conference today, named the states of certain Senators who will be among "Politicians" to be at fault if we are attacked with no Patriot Act to protect us. Yes, he killed it, but it won't be his fault....it's the Democrats....although there were plenty Reupblicans who did not want to renew the Patriot Act without taking a second look at it, a plan for which both sides had overwhelmingly voted in the first place. So, who is playing partisan politics...???...King George, that's who.

The new rule is .... any congressman or Senator who speaks out against King George, or any of the laws he breaks, or lies that he tells, will be referred to as a "Politician" and any questioning of his dictatorship, will be referred to as "Partisan" politics during wartime. Yep, he's got all the bases covered, "Just Let George Do It." He IS the King after all, and beyond checks and balances, questioning, or accountability.
Brit Hume's last comment after spending a day with King George .... "He enjoys the POWER of being President."

He makes Nixon look like a boy scout. Atleast Nixon tried to cover up his unlawful behavior, King George doesn't even have to cover it up, he is right in your face about it, for the right will say, yes, King, you do have on a beautiful suit of clothes.

Careful how you comment on the King, remember, Big Brother is watching...

Gayle in Md.