Harry, we have not always seen eye to eye and this is just going to be another point on that list.

First of all, you didn't have to list all of CW's accomplishments as a player. I didn't, and wouldn't, dispute that he is a talented player.

Obviously, you missed the point of my post.

In this instance, I was referring to the sad situation of promoting an event as a "World Championship" and holding it in a local pool room. An event of that stature deserves a lot better, as I stated.

For CW to come on the pool forums and pimp this event and state that it should be sold out is pure BS. Considering it will most likely be held in a working pool room, it will be sold out if they get half of the normal weekend customers to buy a ticket. Why even try to pimp it on the internet pool forums?

When I referred to CW as "wannabe" I am referring to his efforts as a promoter.

He has developed and promotes the Patriot Cup. Other than the fact that it is a variation of the Mosconi Cup, it is a nice event. However, he holds it in a local pool room and every year, on the forums, I read of many complaints about the lack of seating and spectators not being able to see the tables. On top of that, at one time, CW insisted that fans pay the players for their autographs. Overall, the Patriot Cup is a good idea that has not been fully developed by the promoter, CW, and his company, Dragon Promotions.

Now he is trying to do the same type thing with this straight pool tournament. If it is going to be a true "World Championship", it doesn't belong in a local pool room.

If you agree with CW, I guess you would like to see the World 9-Ball Championship, the Mosconi Cup and the U.S. Open all played in local pool rooms with little room for spectators.

As a promoter, CW has done little to advance the sport of pool. The events he has promoted, for the most part, have been been held in second class facilities, at best. Under his guidence, the UPA has intimidated other promoters to the point that some of them have given up on promoting events. How does that help the advancement of pool?

BTW Harry, this is a public forum, meant for the expressing of opinions. I have expressed my opinions here. The fact that you want to dismiss my comments is your opinion. You have the right to express that. However, please keep in mind, I neither seek, nor need, your approval of my opinions.

We will just have to agree to disagree, when it comes to CW.