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Thread: Opinions on Layani Cues

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    Re: Opinions on Layani Cues

    SPetty...There'd be NO way I'd come through DFW without a stop at "the best little pool house in TX" (and about anywhere else too! [img]/ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img])... Count Patti & me IN!


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    Re: Opinions on Layani Cues

    I'm definitely in for a little PettyPoint action. Count me in.
    well in that case, i'm glad i missed that shot...
    Ah f*&%it!

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    Re: Opinions on Layani Cues

    I would just like to add that I became interested
    in learning more about this cuemaker awhile back,
    so I found his website to look it over. I want
    to say, as a retired Sr. Systems Analyst and Systems
    developer, that his website impressed me with its
    content and presentation. It is very well done,
    and a pleasure to peruse. To me, that is a reflection
    of him, and probably of his cuemaking abilities as

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    Re: Opinions on Layani Cues

    Thank you for the nice comments. It's always a pleasure to get this type of appreciation.

    Thierry Layani
    (and thanks to the others too of course!!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mungtor View Post
    I have 2 Layani cues (one I use as a break cue) and I love both of them. The only other cue I would use is another Layani. They've ruined me for anything else. [img]/ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
    I'm absolute new member here, and this thread is old enough, but anyway the reason I write here to ask a simlpe question, first of all to Mr. Layani, and all the Layani cue users. I have a Layani cue with 2 shifts. I'm absolute satisfied with them, the only problem I had when I changed the tip to another Layani tip. The origin tip was much more soft and flexible, and the new ones are much more rigid, hard, that I cannot even play with them. I have 2 collagues , they had the same experiences. I ask the manufacture (Layani)saying I bought them from Koozom, so they had Koozom to answer me, but the reply was nothing , they told me because the glue is different maybe, or so. But we used not even the same glue, and the glue itself cannot make such a big differences. So what can be the reason ?

    Thanks in advance...



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    One of my friend has a layani cue and he is very satisfied with its performance.

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    One of my friend has got a friend who heard sometime ago a tale coming from a galaxy far far away....

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