Last year we had the Scorpion Shoot-out, with Johnny Archer (King of the Hill) waiting for the winner of the Puerto Rican version of the Scorpion Shoot-out (won by Alan Rolon).

This year we renamed it the Puerto Rico Shoot-Out. 32 players from the U.S, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean will be facing each other for the Title. Among the players this year:

Johnny Archer
Tony Robles
Gabe Owen
Corey Deuel
Robby Saez
Pablo Matheu
Julio Aquino
Aaron Franken
Johnny Hellmund
Michael Arvelo
Bryan Farah
Alan Rolon
Jason Cruz
Edgardo Ramirez
German Hernandez
Juan Rodriguez
Eric Gonzalez
Edwin Toro
Rafy Kilgore
Francisco Pintado
Isai Irizarry
Wilbert Ortiz
Miguel Batista
Enrique Montalvo
Ramon Perez
Nelson C. Rivera
Ed Trujillo
Kikito Lebron
Ariel Rivera
Rafael Pacheco
Luis Cancel
Jorge Figueroa

Tournament will be held Jan 27-29, 2006. Results will be posted here for those interested.

Special thanks to Johnny Archer for returning this year to Puerto Rico and helping us secure Corey Deuel and Gabe Owen for the event.

Tony Robles - past BCA Open Champion, and Archer, Deuel, Owen - Past US Open Champions will give our players and fans a thrill and the opportunity to see them up-close and personal for 3 days of action.

Additional special thanks to Rob Saez, Julio Aquino, Pablo Matheu, Johnny Hellmund, Aaron Franken, Michael Arvelo and Bryan Farah for making the trip to Puerto Rico. These players definitely compliment the above mentioned and we are certain they will bring their best game against a strong Puerto Rican Contingent (Jason Cruz, Alan Rolon, Julio Aquino, Puruco Ramirez, Eric Gonzalez, Edwin Toro, German Hernandez Rafy Kilgore, Ed Trujillo and Papin Rodriguez).

Event will be held at Players Sports and Family Entertainment, located in Yauco, Puerto Rico.

Fernando L. Calvo, owner and promoter of the event, could be reached at 787-856-2090 for more information.

Harold Acosta - Tournament Director &
President Puerto Rican Billiard Federation