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Thread: DFW area leagues

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    DFW area leagues

    Ok, i know that SpiderMan posted and has been keeping up a list of the area cash tourneys. But i was wondering if any of the other DFW people know of good leagues to play in? I need a way to play consistently and seriously. Playing with all of my college friends is starting to get old and i want to improve my game and get some good experience under my belt.

    well in that case, i'm glad i missed that shot...
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    Re: DFW area leagues

    Matt...I am on the edge of commiting to a new in-house league at Skillman on Tuesday nights, a 3 man team. My name is in a general "wanna play hat" presently, and I expect that as any league goes, there'll be some stacked teams, but Brad's leagues always pay off well. If you are interested, we'll begin our own stack starting with the two of us +1 somebody. I don't expect serious talent but who knows in a newly formed league night. Since I'm a loner at this point in the teams arrangement, you might cement me into playing. Iy supposedly starts next tuesday but you can count on this week as being a team gathering and fun only. Show up if you have nothing to do and hit some balls, it'd be fun getting together...been a while huh...sid
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