If you havent sent your money in for the qualifiers, they are filling up.
The first one in Canada is starting March 11. Be sure to send your money in early to avoid late fees.
Below are spots that are open now and bottom of this email contains the official flyer and location/dates for the World 14.1 Championships Qualifiers.
for more info email worldstraightpoolchampionships@gmail.com and to be put on our mail out list of updates for the event
goto www.dragonpromotions.com for updates soon on the main event

Please be sure to forward this to any player or fans that may want to attend

NYC Amsterdam (14 spots open) NYC/ NJ Area

Chicago G Cue (18 spots open) Chicago/ Milwaukee Area

CuesPort MD (19 spots open) DC / Baltimore Area

Drexeline PA (18 spots open) Philadelphia/NJ area

Canada Silver Tip (22 spots open) Toronto/ Upstate NY area

For details on place and times goto www.dragonpromotions.com and click onto World StraightPool Championships info