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Thread: cheap pool tables

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    cheap pool tables

    Hello everyone. I am in the market for a pool table. I am no professional and just want something to play on for fun. I came across this company boston tables. Do any of you know anything about these pool tables. Good? Bad? Here is the site: pool tables

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    Re: cheap pool tables

    have a buddy of mine who bought one.....he hates the way it plays in comparison to my olhausen. he read their web sight and he thought that it was just as good as a name brand. he bought it and then had it delivered. Drooped of in a crate to his driveway. he had to drag it in and when the installers came out to put it together he said it was a complete nightmare. parts dont fit, slate was cupped etc.
    he asked the installers that were contracted by boston tables and the installer flat told him that he hated putting them together because it was just another chinese p.o.s. they got it put togethjer but couldnt get the slate perfect. he tried to get them to pick it up but they wouldnt. He feels like it was a waste of 1300 and if he had it all over to do again he would pay a little more and buy from a local store where they have better quality and where he could get his situation taken care of by the store he had bought from. just my 2 cents

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