Arlen Specter has announced that the president has not been forthcoming regarding his warrentless wire taps, in the interest of Congressional Oversight. He also stated that the issue of the president using the language granted to him to use force against terrorists, does not give him the right to wire tap Americans without the required court proceedures. WHAT IS THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION HIDING?

Last night I watched a "Thirty Years Later" documentary on the Watergate/Nixon Constitutional Crises. The similarity to the Bush administration's behavior, their use of National Security in the wake of the 9/11 attack as a means for operating outside the law of the land, the skewing and bastardizing of our Constitution gaurantees, and Bill Of Rights, the suspect intentions of a White House cloaked in secrecy, and their contempt and hatred of the function of a free press here in America, as evidenced by their intentional planting of phoney press in the White House Press Room, and paying off journalists to write phoney positive information, along with their attempts to ruin and punish those who speak out against the administration's false statements, and illegal practices, (Reference Bush's present request for severe legal action against any leakers, regardless of the integrity involveed) ALL striking reminders of the same ideology which brought our country to the Constitutional Crises we faced in the Watergate Scandal.

I found it interesting that Erlichman used the same excuses the I often read right here on this forum for the law breaking and abuse of power of the Bush Administration, the references to other administration's similar abuses as a righteous excuse to obstruct justice, and dismantle our democratic principles.

Oh, for a country lawyer like Sam Ervin, in the portals of our Nation's Congress and Senate, to stand against partisanship, corruption, and the destruction of the democratic and legal processes which make our country great.
Have we NO men of integrity on the hill other than John Murtha? Are we frought with whimp-like Americans, who would give away their constitutional gaurantees in the name of terrorist fears, and partisan ideology? What EVER happened to...."WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR, BUT FEAR, ITSELF."

If we want to preserve our way of life, here in America, and maintain our standing in the world, our self-respect as a Nation, and preserve our liberties, our committment to the high intentions of a nation bound to the preservation of human rights, it is long past the time when we as Americans must acknowledge this corrupt admistration, their assault against our democracy, and abandon partisan thinking and divisiveness, or we will never manage to preserve our cherished way of life. A cry for impeachment MUST ring out, if we are to survive this assault against us. Do we REALLY want Donald Rumsfeld, Dick cheney, and George Bush calling the shots in our coming crises with Iran? A country which beleives that Armmagedden is in order, and a welcomed event which will bring about Muslim power in the world?

Gayle in Md.