June 2 - June 4,2006 at Hilton Hotel East Brunswick NJ

The amateur events will be held next to the Pro event The World 14.1 Championship where fans can watch the world's best including Hohmann, Sigel, Varner,Immonen, Hopkins, Morris,Archer, Davis, Williams, Souquet, Feijen, Ortmann, Engert, & many more! Fans can come compete for big cash prizes while enjoying the pro tournament!


World 14.1 Championship

May 30 - June 4, 2006 at Hilton, East Brunswick, NJ
Hotel Rates for Players: $90 per night
Call 1-800-HILTONS or goto http://www.hilton.com/
Discount Code for Rooms: "WPA"



1st Place $1500 & Free Spot into 2007 World 14.1 Championships
Early entry fee: $100
May 17 and after: Entry $125
Players meeting and entry deadline: June 2 at 7pm
Play Starts at 8pm on June 2
Race to 75 Single Elimination. Finals race to 100
Limited to 64 Players

US 14.1 Amateur Championship Finals will be played on Sunday June 4 at 11am before start of World 14.1 Championship Semi Finals.

*Disclaimer & Special Note: Matches may have odd times and priority consideration will be for the pros in World 14.1 event as amateur players will be playing on same tournament tables as the pro event. Matches may start and end very late

Players will have to purchase a pass to watch the pro event if not playing a match in the arena.

This event is designed for B Class amateurs who do not play pool for a career. Note that below does not all apply to women. CLICK HERE to read Dragon Promotions Amateur Events Eligibility. Besides that list, the organizers of the event reserve the right to use their judgment if they deem a player not eligible for the event. Players who are not sure if they would be able to play should contact Dragon Promotions prior to the event.

Questions on Amateur event call 1-407-782-4978 email at dpamateurevents@gmail.com

You can pay with credit card online for entries at here in the STORE.

Check for payment must accompany contact information: phone number and e-mail address/home address. Make checks or money orders payable to Dragon Promotions & Mail entries to:

Dragon Promotions
2516 Waukegan Road Unit #144
Glenview, IL 60025

All the latest news, interviews, and tournament info can be found at www.Seyberts.com