We are pleased to announce the first Clicks Waco Monthly tournament was a success! We had a few obstacle starting with an early morning tornado!The power went out and we lost a/c for a short while, making it hard to get the place cooled down in time for the start.The cell phones for some companies were down,including mine. We managed to get things rolling 1hr behind schedule .
We had players from Ft Worth,Houston,Killeen,Gatesville and the Waco area totalling 19.Local favorite Carl Ray was moving through the field briskly before being derailed by another Local Benny Scott,who was on fire.Benny made it to hot seat match with Killeen superstar and ACS/BCA league operator Kenn Bogart. It was a nail biter but local Benny Scott knocked off Kenn. Kenn just couldn't get his rythym on the 1 loss side and was put out by Carl Ray, making it an all local finals 1 race to 9. Benny was still "smokin" and Carl Ray was <font color="blue"> </font color> <font color="blue"> </font color> feeling it. They both caught a stroke and battled back and forth to HILL/HILL! It came down to one game! True to the match this game see sawed back and forth and gave Benny a chance to close the deal,but he couldn't do it, He missed a ball late in the rack and Carl Ray closed it out.

Thanks to everyone! Hope to see you on June 3rd. First Saturday of the month.

1st - 880
2nd - 440
3rd - 240
4th - 50
5-6th - 30