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Thread: $56,000 Prizes 3 Man Team @The Windy City Open 07

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    $56,000 Prizes 3 Man Team @The Windy City Open 07

    The Windy City Open
    3 Man Team Events $56,000.00 Prize Fund January 5th - 7th, 2007

    This event is hosted by: The Windy City Open. Please Read Carefully. Tournament open to ALL BCA, ACS and Valley Players Nationwide with a minimum of (4) four full regularly scheduled league sessions in 2006, and MUST be deemed an accurate player by the league operator. Verification of all players by the current league operator. An open team, may contain (2) master players, but only (1) may participate in (1) given round. Only (3) returning members from a OPEN Team finishing in the top 24 Places, or a women’s team finishing in the top (4) at the National Tournament, or at the previous State Tournament top (2) Places for OPEN and top (1) for Women will be allowed to compete in the team championships. All players MUST meet amateur status requirements. Qualifying team must consist of 3 players male or female. Roster may have 2 master players on it, but only one can play in a round. Rosters may have a maximum of 5 players with 3 players in each round of play. Team captain must notify the other team captain of any substitutions before play has commenced in the round the substitution is being made. Teams that have a grand master as their master player will spot 2 wins per match. All players’ teams must have matching collared shirts and presentable jeans or slacks. * This event is only available in player package form, NO EXCEPTIONS! Times subject to change, check web site for updates .All payouts are approximate and not guaranteed as such. Final payout tallied upon complete registrations at time of the event.

    Note: If you have a league system other than what is listed, that would like to be considered to play, please contact me at We have a separate APA team event already slated that will be announced in the near future. The web site will be updated soon.

    Second Chance Tournament ~ There will be a second chance tournament for the first 32 (based on 128) teams eliminated with NO entry fee in each division with over $1,000.00+ added.

    Entering the event is easy. You can do this online, send us a check or pay by credit card for your room and entry. It’s as easy as that. For more information of this and ALL the events at The Windy City Open, please email Bob Romano at or cal 630-244-2900. The website will be updated after July 20th with all current information and downloadable registration form for all events! We now take VISA, MC, AX, Discover cards.

    Package Includes:

    $445.00 pr team

    ($145.00 per Person)

    Team Entry

    2 Hotel Nights with

    1 room (upgrades available)

    Hotel nights/rooms are on first

    come basis. The first teams to

    register are guaranteed

    availability. After 12/1/06

    There will be a $25.00 late fee

    per team.

    OPEN Team Payout

    1st $8,000.00

    2nd $6,000.00

    3rd $4,000.00

    4th $3,000.00

    5th/6th $2,000.00 each

    7th/8th $1,500.00 each

    9th/ 12th $1,200.00 each

    13th/16th $900.00 each

    17th /24th $600.00

    25th/32 $400.00

    Based on 128 TEAMS

    Women’s Team Payout

    1st $4,000.00

    2nd $2,900.00

    3rd $2,000.00

    4th $1,400.00

    5th 6th $1,000.00 each

    7th 8th $700.00 each

    9th/12th $450.00 each

    13th /16th $300.00 each

    Based on 64 TEAMS

    Resort info

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    Re: $56,000 Prizes 3 Man Team @The Windy City Open 07

    There will be a contest coming soon for free entries into thie event!

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