Tiger Planet Pool Nuts Playoff
June 24th and June 25th

Total money added - $1500 Cash and $1500 Prizes

We wanted to remind everyone of our New Unified Tour System play-offs this coming weekend at Cheers Bar & Grill in Towson, MD. 78 qualified players are eligible to win the International Pool Tour qualifier entry worth $1,000 and the US Open entry worth $500, but the tournament is open to non-NUTS-qualified players who are eligible to win the cash prizes which will come from entry fees and the $1500 added money. On Sunday, the ladies’ event will take place as usual and will be a regular double elimination event. Both events are points events.

Cheers Bar & Grill
1969 E. Joppa Rd
Baltimore,MD 21234
Phone: (410) 665-7923

Open Division (open to all - no limits)
Begins Saturday June 24th at Noon Sharp
Entry Fee: $72 (or $52 for Women and Juniors)

The Format
Multiple table ring game format – 10-Ball.
This tournament is multi-table ring game played like a poker tournament with poker chips. There will be 4 – 6 players per table. Each player starts with 20 poker chips. Players bet one chip each per game, winner of game wins the pot. Similar to poker tournament formats. Players are eliminated when they are out of chips. Antes increase throughout the tournament. (after first hour, 2 chips per game, etc.) The players and order of play reshuffled every hour, tables are continually balanced out to have the same number of players on each table. The top 6 players will return on day two to play finals. The winner is the last man standing – with all the chips .(runner-up is last one eliminated, 3rd place is second last eliminated, and so on)

Basic 9-Ball rules apply (BCA rules), but played with 10 balls.
Winner breaks, no safeties allowed, ball in hand from behind the line, all balls pocketed on a foul shot are re-spotted.
The list of qualified players who are eligible to win the entries into the IPT qualifier and the US Open can be found here: Tiger Tour NUTS Qualified Players

Ladies Division
Begins Sunday at 11:00 AM sharp

Format is Double Elimination
Races to 9 and/or 7, depending on table availability
Entry Fee: $60 ($40 for Juniors)
This is a regular points & WPBA Regional Tour points event!

Tour Membership:
$30 for the 9-ball Tour (membership includes 8-ball membership)
or...$15 for one time guest fee.

Rules:World Standardized Rules of 9-ball with Planet-Pool Code of Ethics
Dress Code: No Sweat Pants, No T-shirts, No Sports Shorts (Basketball Shorts, Etc.), No Tank Tops, No Excessive Cleavage

For more information on The Tiger Planet Pool, our sponsors, sponsorship and franchise opportunities - please visit our site: Tiger Pool Tour