I've poured through the site and have gotten a good amount of info so I'll spare you kind-hearted vets the trouble of asking the basics about buying a pool table. I do have a question though as I found a guy who deals in Vitale, Kasson and AMF tables. I haven't seen any info on these brands in the forums here. Anybody have an opinion? They had some really nice looking AMF tables but if they are dog**** I'd like to skip it.

Also, he mentioned how his tables are constructed with wood beams crisscrossing underneath the slate and that this is something the big manufacturers don't do to save money. One other thing, I live in the south so he said that if I were to go with a table that uses metal brackets those brackets could become loose because of the humidity, which is why he uses bolts making it a better constructed table. Is he full of it?

If anyone has any opinions I'd be most appreciative. I'm really looking forward to getting a nice table, sort of the realization of a life's dream so I'm getting one that will hopefully be with me the rest of my life so I'm willing to part with some cash to do it.