11/11- $1,000.00 Added NO National Masters 8 Ball $35.00 Entry 12:00 Noon Start Race to 6

11/12 - Windy City Open Singles Qualifier

Noon Start $20.00 Entry Wins Package

11/18 - $600.00 Added APA Member

Scotch Doubles $30.00 Entry 11:00 AM Start

11/19 –$250.00 ADDED! Windy City Open 3 Man Team Qualifiers

$90.00 Per Team Registration

Wins Package. 8 Team limit minimum
Monies and Payout's For All Events

We always payout approximately 25% of the field or better on all events. All Added Money is solely based upon player participation. If less than the limit of players participates, the monies will be adjusted per person. If time factors into the conclusion of the game, the races of all events will be adjusted. This will NOT reflect on the payout.

In BOTH 8 & 9 Ball, the added money is based upon full fields of 64. In The Scotch Doubles, the money is added based upon 32+ teams. 5’s & Under, The Tables are OPEN!. If you have any questions, please address them to us directly at the time of the event. In addition to ALL EVENTS, we always give out Door Prizes and other Premiums for attending.

Must be 21 to play and No Children allowed at Q Billiards.

3 Man Team Qualifier $250.00 ADDED

$90.00 Entry based upon 8 teams. Two (2) teams will win “The Package” with Team Entry and 2 Nights in (1) Room at the Windy City Open 3 Man Team Event.

Singles Qualifier $20.00 Entry, Based on 8 players Win’s Entry into 9 Ball Tournament and 1 night room. YOU DO NOT have to play in any of these “Qualifiers” to be able to Play in the Windy City Open. Go to www.WindyCityOpen.net for more information of events, times and dates.

Depending on the entries, we will be ADDING MONEY to these events. More Qualifiers may be scheduled as well. Call 630-244-2900 For More Info!

The Windy City Open is at Pheasant Run Resort, St. Charles, IL January 2 ~ 7, 2007
Questions? Call 630-244-2900 or email windycityopen@aol.com
Tournament Information

Women ALWAY'S pay $20.00 Entry In 8 & 9 Ball Open Events. Highest finishing woman has separate prize fund.

Race may be changed due to number of players. Some events will last 2 days, ONLY depending on the size of the field.

No Pro’s, and the player’s ability is up to the tournament directors and management. Call for eligibility first! Texas Express Rules Apply.

APA Scotch Doubles Handicap Chart used! Team Maximum Handicap of 11. NO Male 2’s! Race to 5. All players nationwide can participate with league operators’ name and phone number. You must bring a current score sheet and proper identification if you are from out of state. We must be able to verify you at the time of the event or you will NOT be able to play

NON-APA Members will automatically be 7’s. One coach allowed. All Events listed include Registration fees.

ALL Tournaments played on 7' Diamond Bar Box coin-op Pool tables.

Questions? Email windycityopen@aol.com or call 630-244-2900