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Thread: About billiard slate.

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    About billiard slate.

    Hello everybody.
    Is there anybody heard RASSON SLATE from China? How do you think of there quality and services? I want to buy one set slate for my billiard table and one person suggest me the "rasson slate" . He said rasson slate have high quality and with competitive price So I am not sure whether should I buy such slate? Hope you can give me some suggestion.

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    Re: About billiard slate.

    I'd never heard of it, personally. The industry standard for top-end slate is Italian. The slate that I sell on higher-end tables is computer-diamond honed to very, very strict tolerances. It's also matched and registered to ensure perfect alignment.

    I did some quick research for you and found Rasson's self-authored company description on As follows:

    Rasson slate co. Ltd. Was founded by the present president mr. Yunnan song in 1990. Rasson slate is the manufacturer who is specialized in the billiard slate. Rasson slate own its quarries, and two of them have their exploited history of over 3 hundred years. The quarries and factory of rasson slate lay in the heping village of hengtang town. The slate exploited from this area are discovered to be perfectly suit to process the material of billiard slate, in china. President mr. Yunnan song of rasson slate is the precedent of chineses billiard slate. In 80s, mr. Yunnan song used to be a director of and oldest state-owned factory in local area. At the begining, the factory deal with some building slate's exploiting, processing, and exporting. In an accidently chance, mr. Yunnan song discovered the slate can be used on the billiard tables perfectly. After that, he started to process the billiard slate. He also visited many of billiard table manufacturers from which he learnt a lot of first-hand information. From then on, this traditional slate town began to embark on the slate and gradually become the leading base of chinese billiard slate.
    At the begining of the rasson slate's establishment, the level of the mechanical is not very advanced, many courses are processed by hand. To guarantee the quality of the slate to be the highest standard, we are compelled to produce 4sets of billiard slate per day, which also be strictly tested. Thanks to our high attention to the quality of products, our goods has established a good reputation in the chinese billiard world. With the development of the industry and market. We have had great creativity, that is, we use the whole sets of automatically computerize processing machine to process the slate firstly. To 2002, we can process and finish 120 sets of pool table slates,30 sets of snooker table slates and few carom table slates.
    Now, we have been the leading exporting manufacturer of billiard slate, in china. We are working hard on serving for the billiard line in the whole world. With advanced techonology, the increasing guarantee of perfect quality, duely delivery time and the most economic price, we supply series of well-processed billiard slate for every billiard company.

    The fact that they have a good reputation in the "Chinese billiard world" doesn't comfort me, since the Chinese don't have a great reputation for making billiard tables. [img]/ccboard/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]


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