<blockquote><font class="small">Quote Gayle in MD:</font><hr> I'll invite you to tune in any morning to Morning Joe for four hours of right wing bashing of Hillary, AND Democrats in general. Tune in any evening for another hour of right wing bashing by Tucker Carlson, and another hour of hillary bashing from Chris Mathews, a rightie posing as a lefty. Tune in any morning to C-Span, and notice the time allotted to those who bash Democrats, and the prime time given to all guests from the right. Steve Scully, is the biggest right wing devotee in this country. He runs C-Span, and was also responsible for removing Helen Thomas from her decades in the front row seat in the White House Press Room, and installing FAUX NOISE, and her place.

If you think the guy who made the pimp statement is from the left, you are completely unfamiliar with him. He is a right wing nut, and a Scarborough regular, one of many, I might add.

Gayle in Md. still waiting for a list of TV left wing presspeople. <hr /></blockquote>

You are becoming ever more delusional. Seek help.
There are mounds of studies which show the MSM has a liberal bias. I have posted quotes from major anchors, and editors who admit the bias. Open your eyes.