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Thread: Fix the Search Engine!

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    Fix the Search Engine!

    As a new member and a new pool player, I've got plenty of questions, but rather than beating a dead horse, I would much prefer to use the search engine, and get up to speed reading recent threads.

    Too bad the search engine doesn't work!

    The error is:

    "We encountered a problem. The reason reported was

    Database error only visible to forum administrators

    Please click back to return to the previous page. "

    Doesn't make a difference what I type in there: "cue", "McDermott", "safety".

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    Re: Fix the Search Engine!

    I'm getting the same error and am new also. Would be nice if it were working.
    -Mike Gordon

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    Re: Fix the Search Engine!

    The mods are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. I agree that it is a problem and is annoying. However, I have pasted a work around from the "Newby" thread here so that anyone who looks here will be sure to see it.

    One imperfect solution is to use Include "site:" without the quotes, in your search and it should work. For example, if you wanted to see how to clean your cue's shaft type the following in the search box then hit enter:

    clean shaft site:

    It does not work perfectly but it works OK for me.

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