As you know I became disgusted with LWW's pseudo- Christian
posturing on this board.
So, I decided to reverse it on him on AZ and start responding
in the same fashion as he did on here.

Guess what? It worked.
He went nuts, begging me at one point to stop.

So, the gestapo machine was put into place.

I called Cheney a sniveling, whiny, sick old man.
Lamas then said that descrption fit me perfectly.
Ugotda7 then laughingly agreed.

I complained to Wilson and was told tht I was the troublemaker.

Then the onslaught really starts.
LWW & Casual Observer start trashing me without using my name.
Ugotda7 & Lamas openly continue the baiting.

The rest of the cronies accuse me of whining over nothing.

Hippiepool gets tossed for criticising one of Wilson's threads.
I am on very thin ice and the whole gang has been trying to get me to explode so I'll be gone.

Meanwhile, a few members, conservatives no less !, have tipped
me off that there is more to this than it appears.
Rumor has it that certain of these posters are associated
with militia and skinhead forums.

I was given no names but it is starting to make sense.

Liberal posters are a very small minority on that forum
and they are treated very rudely. One of my agitators appears in every picture of him with an assault rifle!

Let me be perfectly clear. I was not given LWWs name or anyone else's and I HAVE NO EVIDENCE YET TO WHAT I WAS TOLD.

I'm simply saying they've beaten me down with their words and I'm
starting to consider that forum a dangerous place to be.

It's certainly far different than when I joined.

Hippie, this is a far friendlier and more civil crowd.
Mainly Dub and Lotter stir the hate and even Lotter has toned it down lately.